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Tour Destinations In Uttarakhand

Nature and Wildlife

Nature and Wildlife

Uttarakhand – The Land of God’s is a well known and spellbound tourist destination. The place is considered a truly paradise on the earth due to its peace full environment, scenic beauty, and the captivating view. This place is one of the selected places in the country which allures the tourist from around the world. The place is patched in the leap of Himalaya and surrounded by lush green environment.

There are several hill stations in Uttarakhand. Tourist must visit theses hill stations and enjoy the beautiful lagoons, snow capped mountain, sprawling verdant environment and sunset at Hills. The well known hill station in Uttarakhand includes Nainital, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, Almora and Mussoorie.

Uttarakhand is a heaven for both wildlife lovers and bird watchers. It has a large number of wild animals. Major wild life species to be includes are Indian Tiger, deer, Indian elephant, leopard, Sloth bear, Black bear, Jungle cat, Rhesus monkey, langur, wild dog, ghoral (goat antelopes), porcupine, python, common otter and a range of resident and migratory bird species.

Nature and Wildlife Destinations


Uttarakhand State, cradle in the lap of nature Himalaya is a truly wonder on earth for adventure enthusiast. This place is ideal for adventure sports and More than half the area of Uttarakhand under an undulated and hilly topography. It offers diverse of adventure activities. The major adventure sport activities are: Rafting, Camping, Trekking, Mountaineering,Biking Bungee jumping, Rock Climbing. Uttarakhand is numeration in the top water sports destination in India.

There are several popular destinations for adventure sports in Uttarakhand. Some popular destinations in Uttarakhand like, Dayara Bugyal, Auli,  Munsiyari and Mundali offers some of the best skiing slope. Adventure lovers always are so much excited to do fun with adventure thrill.  

Adventure Destinations


Besides adventure sports and exotic hill station Uttarakhand is also famed for Pilgrimages. There are several Temples and Monasteries including: Rishikesh, Haridwar, Chardham, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Millions of devotees visit these places every year from over the world and wash their sins by take holy deep in Sacred River Gange. It is believed that devotees visit these places to fulfilled their desire with true hear and that definitely come true.

Haridwar is well known Temple of Uttarakhand State, people visit this Temple to wash their sins and conscience sheer by take holy deep at “Har Ki Pauri”. Apart this people can also enjoy here evening Aaarti. There is also one other Temple nearby Haridwar called Rishikesh. The main attraction of Rishikesh is Iron Bridge, which is called Laxman jhula. The pool is used by God Shree Ram and his younger brother Laxman while crossing River Gange.

Kedarnath dham, one of the four Pilgrimages of Hindu’s is also situated here and surrounded by the scenic beauty of nature. It is belief that Kedarnath dhame is very gigantic and sacred place but it does also attract the tourist by the surrounded beauty. Yamunotri Temple is also well known for both its beauty and sacredness. The location was the origin of the river Yamuna that’s why the place is called “Yamunotri”.

Gangotri is world famous for the origin of River Gange. This place is well known for its natural beauty and religious belief.  This is sacred place of Maa Ganege which is adorable as Shrine.

Pilgrimage Destinations