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About Uttarakhand

Overview :

Uttaranchal now named Uttarakhand, one of the newest states in India is known to the world for many reasons. Verdant valleys, lofty mountains, gurgling rivers and many pilgrimage sites- the options to explore the state are countless and each destination in Uttarakhand has its own charm and some unique stories to support that. Known to the world for its vestal landscapes Uttarakhand has always been admired by nature lovers seeking recreation, romance a well as adventure and being the "Abode of Gods" Uttarakhand attracts millions of pilgrims throughout the year. Here are a few most frequented destinations in the state.

Going by the spectacular landscapes around the verdant mountains, one may wonder what made sage Vyasa choose this holy land to script Mahabharata, a chronicle of the countries bloodiest battle for power. The serenity and mysticism of the mountains is quite an antithesis of violence afterall! As much as your eyes can capture, all you get to see is the virgin wilderness strewn all over this beautiful stretch of the Himalayan Foothills. May be it was an antidote to the great Indian disappointments related to power struggle that almost threatened to spread darkness in this world. The outcome was nevertheless as grand as the place in question!

However, moving away from this historical connection, present day Uttarakhand, India’s 27th independent state has always been admired by the world for its undying charm. Green meadows winding upto many unexplored high mountain stretches and undulating brooks, emerald lakes and feral rivers gushing down the Himalayas explain the enigma called Uttarakhand in the best possible ways.  Known as the land of gods because of the place being abode of many Hindu deities and several Hindu pilgrimage sites, Uttarakhand attracts millions of pilgrims all over the year. Nature lovers seeking both recreation and adventure find solace in the untamed rivers and inscrutable mountains as much as the pilgrims find salvation in the clinking bells rumbling through the high mountains.

Pilgrimages of Uttarakhand:

The sheer tranquility and the world of spirituality around the four famous pilgrimage destinations (chardham yatra covering Yamunotri, Badrinath, Gangotri and Kedarnath)) is the experience that every soul seeking peace and humility wants to explore and thanks to the natural abundance around these pilgrimage roots, Uttaranchal finds a place of pride in the list the ideal holiday destinations in India that offer relaxation, recreation and adventure in one single trip.

Hill Resorts of Uttarakhand:

Major hill stations like Nainital, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Ranikhet, Rishikesh and Gangotri are just a few example of Uttarakhand’s best offerings and apart from going spiritual with yoga, meditation and prayers at many pilgrimage spots spread across the state, one can challenge nature’s great barriers through different adventure sports. From trekking to different wild and unexplored regions in the state and rafting down the wild rapids in the Himalayan rivers to paragliding against the biting wind in this beautiful valley- adventure sports options in Uttarakhand are many.

Wildlife Destinations of Uttarakhand:

From the World famous Corbett National Park, the valley of Flowers, Pindari Glacier to the Triveni Ghat – Uttarakhand awaits you. Don’t be surprised if all these sweep you off your feet. Nevertheless, to sum up the magic of Uttarakhand in a few words is a challenging task but, nothing in the world can be put to exact representations until and unless experienced in first person. No photograph can capture the exact beauty of a place and usher life into it and no words can reveal the true essence of a destination. Ultimately, it has to be you, with whom lies the power to make a choice. So, what will you chose between marveling at an informative write up or to land up in this wonderland for a first hand experience?