What are the Camping Destinations of Uttarakhand?

Camping is the best way to break free from the mundane life of daily routine. Camping can turn out to be very relaxing and help you rejuvenate your enthusiasm. It brings back the energy to your soul and lets you inhale the purity of nature inside you. It refreshes your inner strength and makes wonderful ways to lie back in indulge in leisure activities. Camping is best for every age group. You can enjoy camping with your friends and family and loved ones. Uttarakhand is a great place for camping and such leisure activities like angling fishing, nature walks and safaris. This is the perfect way to unwind during a vacation. The natural beauty of Uttarakhand is breath taking. The varied topography provides ample opportunity for camping in different destinations.

Tons Valley (Garhwal)
Tons Valley is situated at an altitude of 3600 feet above sea level. It is a wonderful spot for camping. This valley is suitable for families and children, and pro adventure seekers. The valley is rich in flora and fauna, and the forests are covered with Deodar, Pine, Alpine Oak, Birch, Chestnut, Rhododendron etc. The Tons Valley is an unexplored area in the Jaunsar Bawar of Garhwal. It has distinct inheritance of culture and history. It offers many ways of taking leisure walks, angling facilities and some whitewater activities. The summer camp at Lunagad, western Uttaranchal, and 410 km from Delhi conducts special holiday experience from 4 days to a week or two from May till July each year.

Jharipani in Mussorie
Jharipani is a quite place near Mussorie. You can take a small trekking route or reach by road in JhariPani. This place is very peaceful and pleasant. There are exclusive facilities like waterproof tents with attached western toilets having hot and cold water. Jharipani is a great place to visit during the entire year. There are various options to indulge in adventure sports like horse riding, horse safari, and paragliding, rafting and trekking around nearby places. Jharipani used to be a guest house during the time of the British and later came in to the hands of the family of the Maharaja of Patiala. It offers magnificent views of the Shivalik ranges.

Camping in Rishikesh
Rishikesh is a revered place for the Indian Pilgrims. It has a number of religious spots like Hindu temples and ashrams. It is situated 24 km from Haridwar and 43 km from Dehradun. Rishikesh is known for its saints, sages and holiness. But along with it is also a great place for adventure activities and camping. Taking a relaxed camping vacation in Rishikesh is the ideal way to break free from the hectic life of the city and metros. The atmosphere of Rishikesh is serene with its breath taking waterfront, green forests and hills, and pollution free air. While your stay at Rishikesh it is recommended to take yoga classes at the yoga centers.

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